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İlker Savaşkurt is a director,editor and musician.  

He studied Cinema & Television at the Yeditepe University in İstanbul. In the music industry he has worked with bands such as Altar and UCK Grind. He has organized musical and cultural events all around Turkey. He moved to Texas,USA in 2006. 

After his return to İstanbul he continued his cinema career.
Worked in projects for international adaptations of television shows. He directed series of advertisements.

Meanwhile he also continued his acting career in theatre, television and cinema. 


He is the founder of the movie production company Amirler Film.
Since 2012 he works as an associate and filmmaker for Openvizor.

He moved to Paris,France in 2015. In 2015 he directed “Ballad of Exiles - Yılmaz Güney”, his first feature length documentary. Premiered in Rotterdam International Film Festival.

In 2016 he directed “Groom’s Block”, his directorial debut, a feature movie. Premiered and awarded in Sofia International Film Festival.

In the October of 2020 he directed “Reflection – Akis”, his second feature film. Premiered in New York Harlem International Film Festival and awarded for Best Foreign Film.

He currently residence in İstanbul,Türkiye.

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